Monday, September 12, 2011

9 11 = Stretching into Serenity - Sept 11, 2011

                          Stretching Into Serenity


                            the best within me

                         Stretching Into Serenity


                             to solitude's ecstasy

                          Stretching Into Ecstasy


                       'demons' once owning me

                          Stretching Into Ecstasy


                          the lighter side of ME

                          Katherine Marion


ASS excerpted from my "notes" pages:

Yesterday, when my teen homeschooler reminded me that 'this day' was none other than"The 10th Anniversary of 9 11."

Thus, feeling compelled to remind Kaelin, " Good. Then, we must celebrate."

I felt it only fair to put my kind words into even kinder action ..

May all of our days be filled with hope and happiness.

Shining in the light and love of a happy and healing heart,



Please enjoy this quick snapshot that Kaelin quickly captured of his magical mommy, opening herself to my Yoga Teachers Certification, at in sunny Vancouver, B.C. 


Love is everywhere .. Especially when we go inside, to find HER .... !!!!

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