Friday, September 16, 2011

This Enchanted Eve, I gave away $$$$$$$ MILLIONS $$$$$$ at the local Money Mart - Do i feel good or what!!!!

This Enchanted Eve, I gave away $$$$$MILLLIONS $$$$$$$ at the local Money Mart - Do I feel good, or what!!!!

by Katherine Marion on Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 9:22pm
Today, i went to the local Money Mart, to cash a cheque, that the woman at the wicket was refusing to cash, yesterday.
This eve, i walked in, full of self confidence. Filled with sleep and love and restored faith ,, in all. Of course, in spite of glitches galore, my presence and astounding energy, was a "force to be reckoned with," that no one in the room, or outside .. could possibly ignore.
Of course, i had my second party cheque cashed and uploaded onto my visa - only good biz. And, during all of this time and lengthy transaction, i was 'writing out cheques,' to everyone in the vicinity. What an incredible story, as i asked people how much money they would like. One Fillipino lady told me that she wanted "nothing. " Soon after, i convinced her to "ask for more." She settled on a paltry "1,000.000.00!
The guy before her, only asked for 2 mil.
Goddess-sent Gloria, the lovely female employer, working at the money dispensing area, received a nicer sum of 20 million. All because she believed. And there i was!
More to the story ...
So much fun .. giving away money.
I still recall the goosebumps running through my body, as I retold the story of the wonderful woman who wrote " The Secret" and the last dollars she possessed .. and how she literally gave them away to people on the street. My, that must have been quite the bestseller, unto its own.
Next, i am going to create my own unique cheques and do this on a regular basis...
Supernaturally yours,
Katherine The Believe and The Receiver of all that is Magic and already MIne

As excerpted from my pages, written last eve.


My son took this quick pic.. before i jumped onto my Omnie Swings. Wheeeeee....

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