Monday, September 12, 2011

"A Teen Can Have a World to Fight" or How to Own your Power and Grow into a Real Man!"

             A teen can have a  world to fight
               when the walking wounded 

               keep blocking his very light

              A teen sometimes loses sight

                as he stumbles in the dark

             more left-over, that to the right 

              A teen feels day from night

                sensing danger at his side

                knowing 'real' from hype

              A teen can live others fright

                 picking up on vibrations

           'acting out' when time is not ripe

             A teen must be his own hero

                speaking truth now told

             starting from ten.. down to zero

             A teen need not be De Niro

                lashing out at authority

            capsized boat, tossed to and fro

             A teen can be fearless or foe

               swaggering drunkard bum

             or, paid to be real, as is Bono


              A teen stubs his stubborn toe

             society has no room for treasure

         yet, the value of gems, can only grow ...

             Katherine Marion


          Teenagers have always have a hard time, 
         'roughing' it, through adolescence, and beyond.

          I find that most males never make it out of 

         A joke that i came up with ... oh, so very true 
         and long ago.

         Well, now, that i am 'growing my own,' I must
         have more hope for the male species.

         Starting with my favourite flower .. in my garden
         of Goddess-sent love - Kaelin.



        Actually, this poem was going to be about  the supposed 
        predator who initiated contact with my son, yesterday, in 
        the back alley. 

        Right after I left my son for a whole 20 minutes!

       A young Fillipino 'man' came out of nowhere, right after 
       he noted that I had left the vicinity. And, when I came 
       back onto the scene, he just as quickly disappeared. 

       The minute I spotted him and he saw me .. Vamoose.

      Another story to be told. Same old psychology of old ..

       How interesting that in my pic, taken just before this 
       incident, and one more police report .. filed, soon after, 
       by King Kaelin, himself, at his magical Mother's sage
       suggestion, my son was reading one of our favourite 
       magazines: " Scientific American Mind."

       The article of the day was on "Self Sabotage" and
       "Procrastination. "

       I would say that both Mommy K and shining Son .. 
       upon this enchanted eve, once again, did own their 

      And, that is when you are made aware .. that you really
      have - already won!!!!!

      Kat Purring



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