Saturday, September 17, 2011

Biking To "Bard On The Beach"

                           Biking to 'Bard on The Beach"

                  "The Merchant Of Venice," within reach

                         Fifteen miles we biked this eve

                  "Live theatre," under the tents, to receive

                         Homeschooling teenager in tow

                    We tend to go with the innermost flow

                       Single, vegan raw chef at nearly 52

                   Spontaneity can come right out of the blue

                     "Silly Mommy" almost drops her lens

                   Wistfully viewing clouds as closest friends

                     Seems it's another day with too little sleep

                    With Mother Natures appointment to keep

                      Merely our second bike ride of the year

                  Glad I brought my son to learn more, over here

                      Now, since i am the' real jock' of the family

                  I shalt take mineslf to the gym and look after me!

                    Katherine Marion


                    Well, once again, i am overtired .. past 'the point of
                     no return,' this rawsome momma, with two ends
                     of a beeswax candle to burn. Seems that every new
                     divine day, brings something even more magical to
                     enchantingly earn.

                    Alas, that i was to start my first day of my Yoga Teachers
                     certification. Seems that my innermost urgings are enough
                     justification not to, again, sleep. And, to look within at what
                     so beautifully brings my soaring soul; Goddess-sent

                     Tired Kat Purring


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