Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why was I the last person to know?

Why was I the last person to know

after signing away my Mother

how far away .. my light would go?

Why was I the last person to know

before they took away my son

public envy that did not yet, show?

Why was I the last person to know

since convicted rapes at 18 and 19

a life of hell would soon be in tow?

Why was I the last person to know

during this life of ritualistic abuse

I would be portrayed as feline foe?

Why was I the last person to know

as I single-handedly raise my teen

puberty can take it's un-timely toll?

Why was I the last person to know

sharing truth can bring such pain

t'is not true," You reap what you sow?"

Why was I the last person to know

my voice is far too loud for most?

in a pure heart, does wisdom grow.

Why was I the last person to know

your love has always been there?

Peace always reveals the afterglow!

Katherine Marion


What inspired this early morning prose,while i
supposedly should be in sleeping Angel repose?

As deep as my sleep-deprived week .. goes, I am
prone to believe that it is the
utter compliment of humane and human
decency, this early morn, that I do still ...
so gratefully remember, and receive.

A facebook friend from India, recently
left me a message; utterly concerned
about my very recent "blocked" crazy;
posting on my pretty page, the latest
photo's of grotesquely mutilated
bodies of dead Women. Offering the
number of Interpol and the FBI, and
reminding me how truly special I am,
simply by sharing that "this must not
be allowed." He is so right?

So, rather than reminisce about the
days where no one was there to look
after and protect me - the past that for
far too long did last, I know it is time
'to strike while the iron is hot."

All of this pain must be a gift - accepted
gratefully. Thus, allowing the
foresight to succinctly see that all
life's sorrows have brought ultimate
wisdom to me.

For, all my precious tears .. have
already turned into a river of hope
for so many others whom have and
never may be able to feel my joys.
As they are caught up and captured
by their silent fears . The ultimate
challenges I have passed, allow one
truly Supernatural Woman to guide
others to do the sanest same. No
matter what the battle, demon or
deadly game.

Thus, bringing to mind; " I must
sue the Ministry of Children and
Families," as promised to myself
and my son. The 'time' will never
be 'right" Yet, a woeful wrong was
done unto us and millions of innocent
others. We must continue to put
up a hell of a fight for other
"apprehended' and the silent screams
of their beaten-down Mothers.

Thank you, dear ..... for helping me
to get 'back on my feet,' by climbing
into my heart. Tenderly colliding
in consciousness-raiing and highest
healing part. Blessed treat!

Bless you.

With undying and living appreciation,


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