Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Dream Of Osho

My dream of Osho

just goes to show

where dreams go

truth does glow

My dream of Osho

now lets me know

a mind put on slow

seed turns into sow

My dream of Osho

light breeze to blow

over fawn and doe

grazing in the flow

My dream of Osho

gentlest undertow

fear be the only foe

rise above .. let go!

Katherine Marion


Alright, I am going to share how much it hurts
to keep what counts .. hidden.

I have pulled my hair, again. "Part' of the
reason is because I was over-tired. More
of the truth ... is that I was comprehensive
about my landlord and his helper coming
int to maybe fix my sink, after 6 months
of nothing being done -already. Even more,
I am fearful of starting my yoga certification
and not succeeding, by failing to get
up on time,  and my homeschooling son not
working in unison with me and my dreams.
Mostly, that i was going to fail. So, why
even start?

Much easier to pull my hair out, like
some may puff slowly on another deadly
cigarette. They know it will kill them in
not so good and Goddess-sent time. Yet,
at least their insanity will live within them
and they will go without  fantasies that
will never die. Well, not until they so
surely do ...Incomplete due to falling
short of their own ideals and highest
intentions that they couldn't even
hope and hazard to meet. Let alone
moving forward to create a more
conscious community that they have
been craving to co-create for the longest
and loneliest 'crazy-making' time.


Well, glad I spit that one out ... So much
work to hold onto other people's fantasies
about me. Delusions are not for the faint
of heart. Yet, that does not mean that I
any longer want other's projections on
my silver screen. In this often unloving
life, i have felt all that i wish i had not

Now, to bring to life .. the other morn's
gift of a divine dream ...



Later, this eve, or tomorrow, I shall share
the contents of my mystical experience,
as imparted in dream sequence ..

Blessed are we whom truly stop thinking,
to learn to remember how to feel.

A baby feels no shame in crying or
screaming in painful and/or pure

Why should we?

So what? When we fall down or are
pushed down .. As the old song
says, " .. I pick myself up, dust myself
off .. And, start all over, again."

And, are we ever the same, again?

No, never.

We may want to pretend that last
boo boo or deep wound, did not harm
or maim us. Yet, the person we are
merely lying to, is the most
vital component of who we truly are
and all we are meant to be - our own
highest self!

So, why put it off, any longer?

How much pain and suffering can we
endure, anyway?

Time to jump...

Before the water is drained out of the lakes
and rivers. After the last sun has set. When
not even a duck can hope to swim wet.
Along that same path never travelled or
set foot upon. Under long, beaten
down grass, we did not have the guts or
glory to set blessed foot, even gingerly,

C'mon. What KIND oF HERo's are we?

When we cannot even count our dreams
as our blessings and our blessed as our dream?

'Things may not be as they seem." Yet,
close to anything is far better, than not
trusting and following true and through
on one's  most fateful and forttuitous dream!!!!

Katherine Marion

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