Monday, September 12, 2011

Ventings from Goddess K upon a Magical Monday!

Katherine Marion:
 Wow! So good to hear from you, magical mommy friend. Kaelin and I would love to some and visit you and the girls,whom we have only met one ... How is divine Danelle and the fab flock. Kaelin is going wild over my $100 shopping cart from the organic veggie store. Well, even if it is a very small mini shopping cart. So weeny wonderful . that a real major weenie, wanted to run me over, today, after my trip to to local laundromat. See, when you have a slumlord, there's a lot of dirty laundry air. Ha. At least, i hopefully registered as a very sexy, hot 'older' aging bombshell. Not simply, just another south side sweetie slumming it, cause she'e got nothing better to do with her big breasts that still bang together with a clang - especially when its one more brutish bruisers foolish, ghoulish head, she's love to gleefully bang. There now, i feel much better! Time for blueberry tea - for K2. Let us know when we may come and visit and would you suggest Greyhound or a Black Beauty, as a means of kinder transport. Although, i am noticing that during my ovulation in this 'mid-life' crisis years, with menstruation and nary a real man or men, around for good measure or that have yet, measured up ..., that I would love to jump on a big horse. Or, might that be - scream myself hourse. Oh, that was earlier. And, my Dr. Scholl's foot massager can attest to that. Always close the windows of your bedroom first .. Don't wannna share all you isolated joy. So, many a p.s. and p.p.s. later, I love and can't wait to see yummy mommy you!!!
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