Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hurt by Many ... and Free to Be as One

" The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved."
                                     Mother Theresa

How many times have i looked into loving eyes , lately?

 Why does my broken heart all too often hurt, so greatly?

What does my son think with all this fanfare, around us?

 With whom can I feel safe; open my wounds, to discuss?

Where does a single mother go to release her life of pain?

 Why will I be freed,  to " Dance Naked In The Rain?"

Who are all those doom-sayers that tarnish my name?

  Did my Child ever ask to have this un-kind of fame?

How can I ever get past untold treacheries we meet?

 At darkness' table, how may I leave hell's fiery seat?

Why do people feel better placing beauty in a cage?

 How do they ever contain all their imploding rage?

Where might our own kindness/ lay in blessed wait?

Rather than Hyena's filled with years of  deadly hate?

What is one single mom's line of super heroine action?

 A "Conscious Community" is love's positive attraction!

Katherine Marion


A person does not have to live on the street to feel
rejected by a society that does not want them.

Those who live in virtual isolation are often the kind
of person who has huge faith and spends an inordinate
amount of time in prayer and spiritual practice.

My son and I are not criminals. Why should either of
us be shunned because of our progressive actions?

Who is Jeanne to send me over half a dozen dirty, vile
emails, over the holidays, pointing her dirty finger and
'blaming' and 'shaming' another single mom. When all
she really aches to do is be closer .. and learn from me.

Why did trusted - L-, go up to Kaelin, behind his
Mom's back, after one of his all-night teen escapades?
Telling my beautiful boy: " You have options, you know?"
Then, pursuing her own agenda or fearful projections;
"Do you have a social worker that you can talk to?"
Funny thing, too. One more very part time school
teacher, paid by the system. With 2 cats and no children
of her own. Surely one more 'expert'.

I am the one who bravely brought up her breech
of trust, this evening, in tears. After my son went out all
day, 'taking' my keys, with nary a phone call. Exhausted,
 I was me who pussy-footed' around, while doing my utmost,
  not to hurt her feelings, as her embarrassed face lit up beet
red, brighter than Rudolphina's nose. After I felt it best to
place closure on what my shining son had willingly
brought up on his own accord, a few days, prior.

I am the one is who is left feeling 'bad." All because i care
deeply for my "Baby K". And, i have developed such a huge
reserve of compassion, that I could feed all the starving
souls with my overflowing heart that is constantly being
spent and bent , as it is emptied, over and over, again.

Who is left holding the hot potato?
I am.

For I am the person who reveals my joy and timeless truth.
Everyone is feeling similar emotions, as am I. The only
difference - I have the courage to open up and share ..

If I was not so tired, i would get up .. and move this tired
body. Remove myself from my mis-spent mind. As I so wisely
did, a couple of days ago. with my boy. Upon the beaten-up
hardwood floors of the spacious living room, that lights
my purposeful path. Leading our wondrous way to freedom
and her ecstatic dance ...

kat soon to be purring


And, this is merely a footnote of the many foot soldiers
and mad maidens who ONCE littered my palace. New
Year - plenty of space for housecleaning ... !!!!


I am blessed to have captured a fleeting  glimpse of the
wee elf that lives in our house of love ..

Within the innocent little boy
who is growing, far too fast, into a real man.

He, sadly,  knows more about this world, than any
magical Mother's rising Son, ever



  1. Katherine, I always need to remember that you and I , we see our worlds differently. To me, you put an unwholesome slant on things when you critize and complain..this is your "stuff" which you call universal truth ( not!) , you feel always talking rape etc...perhaps that is all IN you YOU are perceiving-projecting like little missiles see? Sometimes I marvel at how you "get things" all mucked up in your and I we are on different sides of the moon if you ask me.

    You remind me of the Ministry ( I call them the Minotaury) as they are really often not helpful and often have askewed do too. Katherine you can be often see in such a warped critical way feeling needy , miffed, unfulfiled, . that is your choice, your addiction, but when you do , you interdict the truth and reality. Prefer to criticise yourself first, take responsibility for the way you see..perhaps smoke a wee little joint and go run from yourself as your mind creates such seeming impossible wonder you are lonely many times...your mind is formidable however ..what it sees is largely not me ( nor is it real) only when you see with light and spirit can you really see...let angels guide your thoughts otherwise do not think as it is mucking up your reality

  2. Negative is .. as negative does .. as negative sees .. as negative writes .. as negatives appear.. so do negatives disappear from my page . as quickly as the rage - monger who brought her 'hot potato' unto me ... i shalt have none of her same old and cold and far from bold "stuff."

    Kindness begets Kindness

    that leaves US with a difference

    So glad i have no slander cases to place.

    erase ..

    Angels have no angles to trace,

    Specialist K