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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cosmically Comical

Sometimes isn't it so cosmically comical how we choose to suffer it and at all? Rather than own responsibility for our unconscious thoughts preceeding definately impeding action .. we hesitate to own our given power.

Thus, giving away our blessed beauty and blindly walking  away from the loving light that enchantingly emanates and potently protects and provides for us all.

I actually know unsmiling people whom I would not prefer to refer to as individuals; whom are afraid to laugh out loud ... let alone to live the wondrous way initially intented.

There are a sad and sordid many whom marvel from afar; yet, from close-up, grump and grimace at one or some whom are truly true to their wildest spirit kept intentionally intact.

Why is it that drama is such an easy and throw-away thing to mis-create, yet, PEACE is a faraway and far-fetched dream, reserved for spacey artist's with lofty ideals?

Who says happiness is a delusional reality you search for outside of yourself? When we look deeply within we are so much more easily and simply satisfied. Then, only, is serenity sweetly ours.

Where on Goddess' green earth is there a spiritual law that decrees we are not to be the most magically divine creatures we are glowingly and knowingly meant to so majestically be?

What keeps us from our own happiness, except our silly and impertinently pouty selves. Hoping not to be discovered, yet merely uncovering our fears for all our own interplanetary planet; warts and all, to see.

When will we all grow up to own our glow and bow with childish delight as we shine in the reigning rainbow of a new day we miraculously create? All on our magical own!!!!

Ask And It Is Given,

 Katherine Marion


Just looking at this recent pic of me ... standing so calmly in the bathtub, clothes and all; makes me laugh with a delicious diva-like delight.

Talk about more cosmic comedy!

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