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Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Day In The Life Of An Open Heart

After a long day of listening to many and helping even more ... I am brought back inside to the never-ending knowledge that I have been cast out and put upon this planet for a purpose: to help my sisters'. Blood and bone ... wherever my truth does divinely find a home.

Hearing the words of sister wounded heart as she does unconsciously confide. A love letter sent to a place whenceupon Angel wings she did ride. Staring into the face of a tearless lover whom left her and lied. Little girl so utterly lost. Even longer since she truly cried.

Young niece bleeding pain and being told it must just be another bladder infection. Denial acting as the ultimate protection. Vicious cycle repeating itself over and over. Mother passing her own sins unto her blessed daughter. Breaking winds and flooding water.

Friend falling all over herself as she fractures one more bone. Fading fast as she climbs even faster into an early grave of her own making. Hurt doll with tiny heart breaking. Is a broken body really worth  taking when smiling Barbie finally tires of faking?

Mirrors surround me in a universe that fully supports my happiness and healing. No matter how I try to disquise how I am feeling. Always evidence to attest to my inner world reeling. Gound myself and offer my innate wisdom. Breathe with pure and precious precision.

Being there for me lends so much more to those in need of help. Attending to my own needs sets me apart as a shining star whom shall never fade. Focusing attention within gives me the strength to travel. Rather than unravel within. For I am the constant light that forever burns bold and bright!

Katherine Marion

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