Sunday, January 10, 2010

What Matters Most ... ?

What matters most ...

A couple more accolades
Another heated host
Or an even bigger toast?

What matters most ...

Audiences cheering my name
A fan beyone berserk and  insane
Or, an even bigger claim to fame?

What matters most ...

Lies told by ass-kisser's on the make
A bed of roses found to be absurldly fake
Or, the Garden of Eden, replete with snake?

What matters most ...

Promises left to trip upon down the aisle
A groom with a devlishly handsome smile
Or, continuing to barely live in deceit and denial?

What matters most ...

Fantasies so old and dried up in a world of nothing new
A life laid to waste because you never really did become you
Or, dying in your own dream that you never bothered to make come true?

What matters most ...?

Consciously Co-Creating,

Katherine Marion


Keeping my heart and shutter ... open.

Please enjoy this recently captured vision of my love-child and I; whom matters most!!!!

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