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Saturday, January 30, 2010

At Home With Nature

Walking in the winter warmth of spring weather;  delicate flowers blooming alongside sprigs of blossoming Heather.

Breathing in the enchanting elixer of fresh Spruce and Pine; into the bluest skies Mother Earth's miracles climb.

Feeling light upon my steadfast feet; thrilling to the ecstasy of every new touch and aroma my growing senses meet.

Wrapping my arms around Gaia to offer her a hug; within my own heart I AM reaching inwards to welcome real love.

Katherine Marion


Kaelin took these pics of me on our way to the community center, where he met his homeshooling friends for a game of basketball. After holding pretty yellow flowers in my loving hands and breathing in the beauty of one more day, I am always ready for a new and supernatural day!


A balmy 9.5 celsius in Vancouver, B.C.

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