Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Magic of Movement

Movement moves me to such utter depths that I am stirred to make a move.

Sitting down for far too long can merely bring upon ones sad face a frown.

Jumping up to strike out at life does merely raise us to the heights of ecstasy.

Falling down and feeling sorry for ourselves means only dying in self misery.

What keeps us from smiling when all we really want is to enjoy our very life?

Unhappiness is of pandemic proportions in a world seemingly filled with strife.

How do we know it isn't bette to make the change than sit in our own refuse?

Getting up to let go of yesterday's old shit literally offers us nothing left to lose!



For two days ... I walked for many magical hours and felt like a new breath of  fabulous fresh air. Stetching on the mats, working out at the gym on the weights,enjoying detoxifying sauna's and partaking in my first 1 1/2 yoga class in years.

Today, I have sat at my handy laptop for far too long of an expanse, watched many people having a life on various youtube channels and wondered why I didn't get outside in the sun, instead of supposedly catching up on much needed rest. Being hard on myself for many silly and self-torturous reasons.

And, to remember that this is sadly, the way that many people live, everyday. I do like to stir things up. Yet, I AM all too aware that my inspiration comes hugely and happily from freely walking and expressing myself in the freedom that only the outdoors can really and truly offer.

With each new breath, one more magical opporunity ...

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