Sunday, January 10, 2010

Creating A Conscious Collage Of Highest Intentions

Never again, shall I leave my blessed bed
Leaving all lies told inside a helpless head

Letting go of ideals in someone elses hell
Holding onto dreams that divinely foretell

Remembering I am simply a child at play
Forgetting my own name upon this very day

Catching up on the kid inside of magical me
Dropping out of the  race to finally be free

Releasing all hopes I might once have had
Gaining momentum and simply being glad

Owning my power to save the finest  for first
Arriving at the best and declining the worst

Saving myself for my own blessed soul's sake
Now is the magical moment I am told to take

Goddess-sent gifts gain my utmost attention
Magcially mesmerized to enter into ascension

Climbing inside myself to dig deeply as able
Reaching upwards to create a world more stable

Finding I am the fruits of my longing and desire
Arriving at heaven's gate long before I do expire

Katherine Marion


Some sort of sacred life map do I consciously cut forth from my favored "Sage Woman" magazine. I have spent hours happily trimming away the edges, so I may see even more clearer, my brightest and boldest future!

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