Saturday, January 2, 2010


Upon finally going to sleep at 7:30 a.m., this early morning, I knew my phones must be turned off in order to sleep without distrurbance. Especially since; after a bowel movement, post late night raw meal, my rest would be a much needed one. Nothing for my body to do, except repair and heal.

With a few good hours of healing silence, I awoke to recall vivid dreams from the past 6 1/2 hours. Cleaning my face with warm water and a final cold water rinse, brushing my teeth with my new live tooth soap and essential oils, and giving my hair a couple hundred strokes, felt like a good beginning.

Bemoaning the fact that I had run out of fresh lemon to squeeze into my first of three glasses of filtered water for the newest part of my day. Mixing up a large and delicious green drink, as my second glass of neccesary fluids for a long bout of luscious energy. Ending with a cup of himalayan crystal soaked water as a natural detox, I was feeling even better.

Kissing and hugging my beautiful boy who is always so full of affection and unconditional love, warmed the cockles in my morn muzzle. Cracking Kaelin's back as I picked up all 5'6 of his 13 year young and vegan, raw food self, put extra pep into my step. Yet, little did I know there was more coming up, yet ...

A couple of washed locally grown Ambrosia Apples from Cawsten, after the juiciest pink grapefruit, cut into quarter's; whet my appetite for a good workout at the gym. A kind call from a friend made so many succulent fruits, all the sweeter. With a few organic Japanese oranges tossed into my workout bag, I was becoming even more inspired.

Thanks to Kaelin, my freshly laundered lululemon tights and hoodie were folded in silent wait for me to don. My happy heart smiling even more, once my favorite uniform, I put on. Grabbing the cellular in order to allow money in. Leaving on the music, in case a visitor outside our door, may somehow doubtfully lurk. A few rawstruck rituals that really seem to work!

The final gift arrived when we opened up our door to leave for our daily walk to the community center. Kaelin holding onto the garbage with one hand and a laundry basket with the other. Mommy pouring 2 water bottles full of water for her soon to be smiled upon reward of a sauna. Time to lock up our home and venture into the Vancouver rain.

Our broken front door cracked and creaked, as we practically pried the heavy piece of wood open to peek into another world. Warm and toasty in my pink down-filled winter jacket, I was ready for the touch of rain-drops  upon my grateful skin. Braced for a new world, I firmly grabbed the door-knob and there lay ... at the tender mercy of my Adida's air-cushioned covered feet, a blushing, early birthday treat!

18 pink Roses laid to loving rest in a bed of fragrant Babies Breath. Wondrous aroma that almost bowled me over as I acknowleged the love and consideration so kindly deposited at my divine door step. Sexy, long, green stalks, safely tucked into a make-shift vase of water. A beautiful birthday card in a  handwritten envelope, just for magical ME.

Thanks to a once upon a time lover whom shared so many mutual dreams. Grateful for the absolute compassion from a man who respects all I so diligently stive for and the light I forever keep shining. Blessed to be remembered by a soul-mate I once met. Gifted with so much love around and delivered divinely unto me. I am one smiling birthday baby - you bet!

Pushing 50 - but not Daisies,



A few hours ago, I did remember the rest of my day's dreams ... A pillowy soft sky-full of bouncing pink balloons. Just like the ones in real waking reality ... that Dear Alexis ( who used to own "Balloon Action" )so thoughtfully gifted me with at my 42nd Birthday Bash that I gave myself at art gallery, in Gastown, 8 triumphant years ago.

Must have been a premonition ... Not just of an impending and must assuredly; conscious celebration, sure to soon arrive. An instinctual and most primal knowledge that Antoni had wondrously left at my welcome mat, a marveleous reminder of  the tender and telling truth that I so gently and generously am. MMMM....


Since I am allowing Kaelin to bring out his own talents as he un-schools, I knew I had to reveal the loveliness he captured an hour or so ago, after I planted my pretty posies into three different crystal vases, lit beeswax candles, and reveled in the soothing scene.

Please enjoy. I AM.

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