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Sunday, January 24, 2010

That's What Friends Are For

Friends are meant to touch your soul

Open your heart

Fill you up to make you whole

Friends are put there to get you here

Bring you up

After dropping one more last tear

Friends are bits of Angel fluff

Landing on you

Shedding light on forgotten stuff

Friends are what we need most

Offering unto us

Burrowing into our deepest woes

Freinds are never what we thought

Silently to bow

Loving teachers to be kindly taught

Friends are treasures to all they touch

Grateful am I

Blessed for receiving ever so much.

Katherine Marion

I AM ever so grateful for serenely sitting and sharing with a caring homeschooling Mom whom I just met. While my beautiful boy plays with 2 new pals in the hallway, I allow ...

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