Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Brother's A Handsome Bugger!

Living in lost and hopeless boys homes before tender age of thirteen
Tossed into men's prison; fair youth, losing a world he'd never seen

 Pre-puberty; hyperactive, grossly neglected and virtually abandoned
Sent away from single mother and 4 siblings, whom had highly intended

No mommy to nurture and faceless father hiding from taking action
Drink, Dink, and 'no think' ; unmanly mantra of deadening attraction

Macaroni and cheese; all one gentle uneducated being was often eating
In seedy bars filled with thirsty squaw's; whom he was madly meeting

One dark night an angry squaw took in her hand, a heavy silver wrench
Smashing down; deep enough to leave a lasting scar from drunken wench

Little girl; taken away with cooties in her hair, by other sister meaning well
Another ignorant daddy being insanely sent, into his own delusional hell

Only savior son left to his dying mother at the fading age of fourty-five
Selling on the streets, between frequent bouts in jail, kept him barely alive

Living homesless; best friend - stabbed and left bleeding to die in his arms
Left virtually alone with deadly demons that needn't care of boyish charms

This very Christmas, x-wife dying in a wintery casket; called Whitehorse
Forgotten woman whom gave up believing; to die of a lethal drug overdose

Sister says he's been clean for 5 months and is now gainfully employed
Intuition has told me that his fading hopes have finally been bouyed

The last time I saw him was upon our Mothers crowded death bed
Not to be judged by those claiming to love; going his own way, instead

Big, brown eyes; still so full of love and light, one day to fully open
I look into my baby brother"s face to see a heart mending the broken

The rest of the best is rising to the top like cream after a long drought
My hadsome brother with the high cheekbones is soon coming about

Maybe a kiss from a fairy princess could fix a life of dirty deeds done
Or forgiveness for others and himself, could win a war before unwon

Either way, I am gratefully writing him a loving letter from his big sister K
Sending a wondrous world of unconditional LOVE his handsome  and healing way!

Katherine Marion



Interestingly, today, I had decided not to write. After laying in silence with my son, I began to speak of my brother. Kaelin sagely suggested I get out my trusty laptop and share my poem. Here we so boldly and beautifully be!


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