Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sexy Spaghetti To Grow And Glow On! January 6, 2012

The day after my conscious celebration leads to sensory elation of the highest vibration. Tempting my tittilated taste-buds with beauty plucked from a pure and precious garden grown. Magically measured and mindfully treasured. Goddess-sent and gratefully shown.

Sexy Spaghetti concously created in Katherine's kitchen. Long, green, and fabulously firm to the tender touch. Ripe and rawsomely packed with as much flavor as a gorgeous Goddess could give or get. Moist enough to almost call wet ...

Sun-dried tomatoes and garlic to tilt your head heaven-ward. Basil to babble over as you cry tears of joy. Heart filled with happiness as your health improves while having fun. Natural, unproccessed foods, transforming you into the gorgeously glowing One!

Rawsomely Yours,



Simply part of my earthly treasure; another rawstruck recipe for Sexcess!

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