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Monday, January 25, 2010

Summer Wishes To Come True

Clamshell bikini encrusted with gold

Bronzed body warm enough to hold

Toes digging into heavenly heated sand

Human kindness to hold my happy hand

Pretty pail filled with love and support

Full sail for a sexy Vancouver beach port

Headed full-tilt for Wreck-beach at best

Headlights put to the ultimate teasing test

Holding empty head high for sunlight to kiss

Healing with happiness is my wondrous wish

Biking to the beach every day this summer

Pumping my muscles could never be funner

Taking my son along for the rawsome ride

Pedalling up winding UBC hill; oceanside

Selling homemade living foods on the beach

Flavourful fantasy to be found within reach

Gathering momentum to keep magic mine

Slowing down to catch up with sunshine

Keeping in touch with ideals of blessed own

Gathering Goddess-sent dreams now shown

Believing in myself as I choose to wisely be

Spreading joy in my sand-swept sanctuary

Holding court to nature at breathless best

Barely covering my gorgeous naked breast

Seeing all I AM is always forever enough

Building sandcastles I know to be a must

Dreaming of a better belief only I may create

World of wounded yesterday to safely escape

Sharing divinities of inner wealth and wonder

Listening closely to one more clap of thunder

Feeling the ground beneath my sun-kissed feet

Climbing steadfastly to reach perfection's peak

Ultimately to arrive where I first blessedly began

Content in simply being the best I know I AM!

Katherine Marion


This particular pure and precious vision ... is something sacred I have been envisioning for a wondrous while ...

Timelessly aging bombshell coming out of her own ... Growing new Pippi freckles and glad to simply be alive!

Isn't this enough?


No make-up or itsy bitsy  ... Merely the magic of me and my full spectrum light as I lay upon my blessed bed of mine own magical LOVE-MAKING.

Enjoy one more very recent self-portrait study of this woman in momentous motion - even when wondrously still.

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