Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rollerblading Teen & X-Bathing Beauty Queen

                            Rollerblading teen

                        x- bathing beauty queen

                         Sharing deepest love


                       two Angels from above

                      Pubescent boy of fifteen


                       skin of coconut cream

                      Bombshell of fifty-one


                       shining as Mother Sun

                       Goddess' gift is her child


                       Free to be true and wild

                       Honouring one another


                      Hearts of Son and Mother


                      Light fills happy heart


                      Divinity shalt not depart!

                      Katherine Marion


                     Today, after 11 hours outside and
                      'on the rawk'n road,' my brave
                      brilliantly shining gem, was pooped!

                     Crawling up to my lawn-space that
                     I so fondly refer to as 'the beach," my
                     tuckered out teen, took his place on the
                     burned out grass and rested his sorry ass.

                    Oops, couldn't resist .. It rhymed.

                    As Kaelin slept, his mommy snapped a
                    supernatural series of self portraits.

                    Hope you like ..

                     I do.



                    At least I had him remove his helmut, before
                    he lay his head down upon the cold ground,
                    for two hours, to enjoy a much deserved
                    end of summertime rawk'n rest!


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