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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Girl with the Perfect Hair

                     The Girl with the perfect hair
                           she sits perfectly still

                                 over there ...

                         "If looks could kill,"

                         why would they care?

                      The Girl with the perfect hair
                         always believing as told

                                in the past ...

                            now, says it "Bold,"

                    when choosing not to kiss ass!

                     The Girl with the perfect hair
                        never knew what hit her

                             that first trim ...

                          scissors with a purr

                wounding heart with envious whim

                     The Girl with the perfect hair
                      more shared; bad than good

                          summer of 2010

                       neighbour never should

                 have inferred she was an old hen

                     The Girl with the perfect hair
                        always believing to trust

                          cut off all her locks

                      and kept her lovely bust

                 in her head, must have been rocks!

                   The Girl with the perfect hair
                      found out the hard way

                       jealousy does prevail

                 others have their wicked way

              yet, the truest heart shall never fail.

                 The Girl with the perfect hair
                      likes to leap with faith

                      gold locks grow back

                  instincts; best hold her safe

                especially with one rawk'n "rack"

                The Girl with the perfect hair
                   loves to speak her truth

                    felines claw and bite

               helpless liars lie low and lose

              this pussy; stays toned and tight!

               Katherine Marion


This pretty pic of the back of my sun-lightened head,
was quickly snapped by Bo Browne, owner of  Sebastion
( named after his first son ) Hair Salon, situated in downtown
Vancouver's prestigious Wall Center.


I biked 40 minutes to get to my first hair appointment, in months.
Bo and I have known each other, every since my 15 year young
son was a mere and magical few months old. We always have
such fun. What a great job - being paid to talk and cause others
to feel better about themselves!

After I regretfully, left Bo's beautiful brightly lit and wonderfully
windowed glass and mirrored 'castle' on handsome-making Howe
Street, I cycled over to Choices for what certainly would never
be anyone's choice of an evening .. ill-spent.

This upcoming story ... must be told after I get some much needed
rest and recover ..

Stay tuned in and turned on ... I am!

Very special K


I have much more .. to say about my hair. This is a very 'short' story, as you
shall soon find out.


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