Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Hungry Mouse in my Rental House

pic to be added ..

A hungry mouse

lives in my rental house

It - three times, seen

every time, i did scream

I've mprisoned a rapist

and, this is my latest?

with all that I  know

pain has taken it's toll

One furry creature

today's flurried feature

Fears can manifest

as fearful minds suggest

Should i kill the mouse

fearfully, in my house?

More afraid than me

how silly can silliness be?

Lock myself in my room

filling myself with doom

Running away with fear

no safe place, over here

One scampering rodent

can play with fears, potent

Better to clear my head

get myself right back to bed!

Katherine Marion


So many small details ... to fret over.

After decreeing  that this 'dreadful' and
 most miniscule mouse is surely a  lot more afraid
 of me, than i am of him!

A whole lotta extra space has been cleared ..
thus, truly illuminating what really needs to be
taken care of ..

Oh, where to begin ..?


h, please don't let me have to take a picture of this furry ball of hunger, that scurries around my
floors, the minute i turn on my light or go near him'her.

I SUPPOSE .. where my fear comes from, is when i used to live in my "first shack," and i could hear
mice, scratching inside my walls, as i attempted to sleep.

Every morn, for a while, i would find bald baby mice, in my kitchen sink. I would suffocate them with

glas jars, Soon after, to load into my mom's old beaten-up roasting pan, to toss into the empty field, 
outside my bedroom window. 

Later, my wise old Great Aunt Thelma, balled me out for throwing away 'that perfectly good" roasting pan.

All perception!


Not too long after this chain of events, i was raped in my tiny bathroom, in the same insane hovel that i called a home. Afterwards, I was soon broken into .. and decided, to wisely move. 

A mere 6 months later, i was raped at knifepoint by the same insane 'friend' whom threatened to kill me if i ever told. 

So, you can see how mice and rape are tied-in as one, for me.

At least i kept the paroled child/murderer rapist, in jail, after his dirty deeds done unto me, for almost 30 years, 
Until his recent death, behind the bars ... a mere 3 or so life-affirming years ago.

So, i may consider myself my own personal hero 'on one front.' 

And, console myself with the fact that one mouse may be allowed to 'get safely away.'


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