Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chantelle Lingerie from La Jolie Madame

Last night, after a wearing day ... i enjoyed a healing bath of Himalayan crystals and essential oils.

Deciding that I would like to get a little 'dolled up,' for all the pain I have been put through .. especially recently, raising a teen homeschooler in a lonely big city, I wisely donned my new and only once worn .. gorgeous white lacy Chantelle Brassier, purchased fro me at La Jolie Madame, in the Pacific Centre mall.

The last time that a sexy bra and panties was purchase for me at this same nfamous La Jolie .. was when i hosted my very popular tv/web/radio show at - "Katherine & Friends.' My boss, BoB Mackin was so peeved off at me, since he had to pay the extravagant sum for my lingerie, to have me walk on Georgia Street, in front of our swanky studio address, for a promo that he chose to pay me not enough for .. Watch out, we wise woman, have our wanton ways, whenever and however we can .. go about getting what we need. Not just what 'they want.'


So, if this is what it takes for an overwhelmed and often undervalued 'aging bombshell' of 51 years young and youthful, to feel good, so that she can go shopping at sexy underthings .. style, at her local Whole Foods, for close to $300.00 in organic fare, then so be tIT!

Feel'n 'Great' - all over!!!!

With boundless energy and a couple of durable bra straps,

katherine in truth and telling,



As SEXYerpted from my - photo's page, where i originally posted this tit bit, a short and shirtless while ago. 


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