Friday, August 26, 2011

Flirty, Dirty Dancing ...

                    I've danced on stage with Chris Isaac
                            left with "drumstick 'to go"
                                    in my cleavage
                               Doug and The Slugs
                                 on their speakers
                  floating on a yacht to the San Juan Islands

                          Panty-less at  Pelican Bay
                             Granville Island Hotel
                        where some seemed to notice ...

                             "Pricks on Dicks"
                       which i love to call 'Richards'
                           one more 'old haunt'

                      Men worshipping at my feet
                           like falling dominoes
                              with me, on top!

                       Women ache for my secret
                            of hidden sexuality
                           and how to let loose

                            All I can fairly say
                          that even at almost 52
                     keep remembering how to play!

                           Katherine Marion


You gotta keep it fresh and fab and maintain your
finess of mind, body and spirit.

Not an easy call ..

Especially in this day and age.

A good reason to change one's lifestyle.. if need be.

The foremost responsibility we have to our
blessed selves, is to be happy.

Sometimes, we forget what makes us smile
and how to allow ourselves to be filled
with joy.

Good reason to turn on some favourite
tunes and just DANCE ..


Besides, there is so much energy that needs
to move .. through us.

Like a current that
short circuits if we do not allow 'it' to transform.

Beyond understanding ...  or the linear mind, is a
clearer picture.

The subconscious knows all ..


Moving to the music inside of Magical Me,



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