Saturday, August 20, 2011

This Rose .. Knows!

                                  This Rose

                                 she knows

                                 which way

                             the breeze blows ...

                                  This Rose

                                  she grows

                                   to play
                            with sunshine's toes

                                   This Rose

                                   she goes

                                    as may

                              love forever grows

                                   This Rose

                                   she flows

                                    to lay

                            where Nature chose!

                           Katherine Marion


                       Even though I posted this pretty new pic that my
                       shining Son-rising shot .. a few days ago, I am
                       writing the prose, just now.

                      After the most incredibly chaotic day or so, with my
                       testosterone-fueled son, taking off with his laptop, to
                      come home, at 12:30 am - to tell me that he had been
                      physically assaulted at the river, I was in need of
                      soulful resurrection.

                      Spending hours at The Vancouver Childrens Hospital
                      in Emergency, with police escorts and probing doctor's,
                      really can send your senses spinning ...

                     Good thing, I remained grounded, alert and grateful.

                     Our children are our blessings and sometimes seem and
                     'feel' to be .. our greatest woe. Yet, a real Rose does surely
                     know what the heart does whisper .. All is well in a world
                     filled with gratitude for the gentler parts of the whole.

                     After all, and before else .. we must divinely remember that even
                     though those ghastly thorns may cut and slice us wide open ..
                     we are free to things, people and circumstances as we choose.

                     Stand tall and mighty, whilst you so wisely mell the fragrance
                     of each and every prickly rose.

                    What have you got to lose?



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