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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Best Beach in Vancouver for Family Fun - Jericko!

                                      Wanna know

                            the best beach

                                       for a family to go?


                                     Wanna glow

                             as the sun

                                      does surely know?


                                     Wanna  grow


                                       with your big toe?


                                     Wanna go slow

                            play all day

                                        a child in the know ..?


                              Katherine Marion


              Such wonderful memories, from one simple day, spent in the sun,
              last week, at - where else - Jericko!

              My homeschooling son, sat so comfortably in the Lifeguarding chair.
              Who knows ... ? I used to be one .. myself. The last of the local
              Lifeguard's to be hired at Cultus Lakes' Main Beach, in 1979.
              Even working at the Harrison Hot Springs Public Pool, as a Lifeguard,
              in 1980 or so. And, let's not forget the once famed Cheam Centre, at
              Vedder Crossings Army Base, just outside of Chilliwack, B..C.

             So, if anyone knows about being a natural - tis i!

             After all, even my cousins from Hope, where I spent my many a happy
             childhood summer, taking my swimming lessons - were lifeguard's . As
             well as powerful award-winning swimmers!

            Thanks for allowing me to share a bit of my supernatural life with you!

            LOVE KATHERINE





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