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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Full Moon Over Vancouver ...

                                      Full moon
                                 guiding me home

                                    Full moon

                              lighting the unknown

                                   Full moon

                              our powers to own

                                  Full moon

                             rapture does roam ...

                           Katherine Marion
                  ( to be re-done,


                           What a way to focus ...

                           Simply look upwards,
                           towards your own personal

                          And, yee shall find - the sublime!


                          Ever so gratefully, I snapped this
                          pretty pic, as Kaelin and I were
                          pedalling over the Burrard Street
                          Bridge, after a wonderful afternoon
                          and evening, well spent, at Jericko
                          Beach, this past and precious

                          We were off to meet up with
                          our 76 year young friend, Freeda -
                          since we had invited her to watch
                          "Grease" on the big screen, in Coal
                          Harbour, where we once did live!

                          Later, we would bike over this same
                          serene setting. The moon seeming to
                          shine even brighter, for the cloudless
                          sky would be darker, and millions of
                          shining stars would sweetly guide our
                          blessed way ...
                          Goddess Grateful,



  1. What a nice picture, and such a wonderful poem to accompany it :)

  2. Dearest Valentino,

    Gorgeous name .. .to go with your most welcome and lovely comment.

    in kindness,

    special K