Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Laying on my Back was never So Much Fun ...

           Laying on my back was never so much fun

                making me the fit and fabulous one

           Spreading one's legs should be real work
                  positive energy is all I choose exert

            Breathing in as I fill my lungs with breath

                  putting my muscles to ultimate test

            Building muscle as I push weight overhead

                 oxygenation allowing body to be fed

             Creating a rhythm with my innermost me

                  being the best woman I can now be

              Letting go of that which I no longer need

                  highest vibrations;  upon which to feed

              Light energy source; lifting heaviest iron

                 gym girl transforms into muscled siren

               Boundless energy compares to one other
                 go and guess; " 51 year young Mother!"

                Katherine Marion


               After a power bike ride to the gym, last
               eve, I spend a good half hour - enjoying
              an intense leg workout.

               There's nothing I appreciate more, than
               a great set of 'gams."

                Guess that goes for others who may stop
                to stare at magical me.

                Therefore, I suppose that I shall free to
                 continue to work out ..

                Until I am 103!



                This particular picture, .. I snapped at
                last night's weight training session.

                Working with 125 lbs on each side of
                heavy bar, the Inverted Leg Press
                was my first machine of choice, as I
                begin my fitness routine.

                All uphill .. from here on, in ....

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