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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Biking Trip and a Bad Boy with a wet lip!

I knew he was a bad boy the minute I spied his tongue
               trailing upon his upper lip
         with that hard, pointed tip
     staring right at me
       when he wasn't feeling free
   to look me squarely in the rounded tit!

He was standing outside, beside my broken-down bike
              in his designer biking gear
          young and with no fear
    finding some excuse
         feasting on a "dessert," not to refuse
    little less than a publicly seen pubic lear!

Gave me his name, later, at the nearby gas station
                after he fixed my back tire
           as time did quickly expire
      for my gym exercise
           "older woman" he did wisely surmise
     testo-'man' does not set my wheels on fire!

Told me his name, before I flew off into the sunset
                   left him with plenty to think
              " I do not do drugs, drink or dink"
        informing M, before I fled
           on bent knees; worshipping my hairy leg
       stoned biker-boy, such an easy to spot; rat fink!

Katherine Marion


One more real and valid reason to learn how to for
once and all, fix my own bike.

As i love to say; "THE ONLY THING FLAT

oh, so much more to say .. about my yesterday ...

For now, this is one precious part of the story.

Happy Cycling and careful of horny psycho cyclists on your path!!!!

Biking up-hill and across,



The one 'thing' that did get me up the next hill, after the tire expelled all of its' newly
pumped air ... was a very lovely and well placed comment.

" Your very beautiful!:

And, he meant it.


Every Goddess has gotta count her blessings - right?

special K


This pic was taken the other day, as i biked along the golf course. I asked a couple who were walking along the same path.. to "please snap a photo for my blog." The male obliged, without asking his girlfriend is she might be the better photographer. Sine i did stipulate ..

As he came forward to make use of my camera, i could tell he had been drinking - already. Yikes!

Yet, I sure am grateful for this lovely candid shot.

Right afterward, or before .. my bike fell to the ground and the metal of the right handlebar hit me in the face, as i was lifting up my big baby. As i cried out in pain, whilst leaving .. all the booze breathing dragon said: " Good for you. Good for you."

So many sad and strange people and circumstances.

A lot of this wounded world is severely lacking in compassion and human decency.

And, all of this .. garnered, due to asking for a quick snapshot!


i am

love K

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