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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

" I Am A Magnet Attracting My Highest Self!" - And, 'proof' of it!

Dear Ariella,

Such a beautiful name!

If I had given birth to a daughter .. I was going to name her "Aurora," which had 'come' to me. Rather, i gave birth to "Kaelin." And, there is another incredible story to go with this lovely and befitting name, that suits my son, so very well.

Who knows, maybe I shall be gifted with a daughter, still ...?  And, you will help to birth her. Such a joyful experience this would so beautifully be. Absolutely making up for my first 'natural birth,' where The Women's Hospital," pumped me full of poisons and 3 epidural's, even though I had specifically requested a 'drug free' birthing events. All and everyone .. was not in alignment, at that tumultuous time in my life. I have developed a greater sense of clarity, thanks to that arduous  34 hour labour and 1 hr and 20 minutes birth - 'leaning curve', purer lifestyle and clearer vision. 

Right ow, my 15 year young teen is drinking his daily drink and 2nd .. glass of power sprouted seeds and nuts and .. by "Garden of Life." A growing and almost 6 ft young man, needs constant nourishment .. on all energetic levels.

So, did you do a bit of reading on me and my lifestyle, beliefs, and way of being?
 Feels like it. 

Your letter reads as a very comfortable 'fit' to be sure. And, both Kaelin and I would adore sharing space and love with a genuine family - not to mention, precious little darling girl. My boy has always loved children; he is like the perfect version of the friendliest Pied Piper. 
More like the Friendliest Teenage Giant!

Raising my son raw and real, has been met by many challenges, outside of our loving life. Trust me, you raise your sweet girl this wondrous way, you will be so delighted and she shall be all the more delightful.

We look forward to seeing you in December. After I receive my upcoming Teachers Yoga Certification, which begins in December, and finalizes, the same month that you arrive in Vancouver, we will be moving into a new and bigger space. Possibly meeting you, shall be one more consciousness-raising catalyst. With your own certification, already, and our other shared passions and truths .. who knows what we are able to co-create .. together. You and I -need to talk, for sure.

Now, my son - prepares a warm and un-cooked mushroom miso soup, before we spend some family time, together. After spending 3 hours at an evening summer camp - - The Lyceum - studying "The Merchant of Venice," 

Tomorrow, he travels to a local Youth Centre, where he will be biking with a group of mid-teens around the gorgeous Stanley Park Seawall, for a few hours. Afterwards , he sets off for his third 3 hr stint at Christianne's un-schooing 'school,' for his third evening with the 3 or so evening of learning about Shakespearean literature, playing 'Bananagram," being fed organic peaches, blueberries, tea and nuts. Yum.

I have my son starting Taikwondo, this week. Some much needed inner- discipline in the magical making - 3 x minimum, per week. Can't wait .. The studio is locally situated and privately run by a very mindful Korean black belt master, and his wife/accountant -who also has her own red belt. 

Kaelin will soon to taking Friday classes at, here in Vancouver. I spend a lot of 'time' searching and seeking out the perfect social interactions, stimuli and learning environments for my growing and glowing love-child. The rest .. is up to him.

I am really eager to find out more of yummy you and your sweet source of joy - Aya.

Our dream is to build our own Cob or Straw Bale home. We have already begun designing our humble earth abode. 

And, now with my yoga, I shall be combining my nutrition and raw foods knowledge, experience and wisdom. And, creating a Supernatural studio to work from and play in. Kaelin will have his own studio room, allowing him to be free to bring in other homeschoolers that we are connecting with - I sagely suggest that you get on their email list. 

We are un-schooling with and Suzanne Gregory is our contact. - even though we have never met her.

Many purest plans and highest intentions 'in the works.'

Fascinating - this enchanted evening, biking back from my one hour bike ride and wee 30 minutes of a leg workout at the community centre gym, Albert Schweitzer's son's  ( we met at a healing seminar - years ago ) positive affirmation: came to me. " I am a magnet attracting my highest self." 

And, here we are, dear Ariella ...

Supernaturally so, 

With love, lightness, and laughter -happily ever after, 



Kaelin now slurps his spicy homemade soup, writes his positive affirmations of 8 neatly printed pages, and listens to his favourite radio show: "Sherlock Holmes."  Sweet.


After sucking back the remains of my son's Green Goddess-sent smoothy, from this morning, I am readying to prepare an early morning batch of fermented Kats Hot Flax Crax, which I shall be marketing in the near future. 


Since I am noting that you do own a raw, vegan pie company, we have even more to divinely discuss. I am going to check out your url and maybe you can ship some pies over to Canada - ? 

 I can just 'see' your lovely hear-beat preparing personalized  baby Love Pies for her "Amazing Mommy,"- as my very own happiest heart, loves to call me.

Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2011 8:20:23 PM
Subject: Supernatural Sanctuary

Dear Katherrine,

I read about your intentions & interests at

We have so much in common!!  I wonder if you have time we could skype
to meet & talk about our wishes for parenting & living & community.

My name is Ariella, I am 29 years & living in Amsterdam since 3 years,
though American.  My daughter Aya is 17 months & my aim is intuitive,
respectful, natural mothering.  I have separated from Aya's father &
the 2 of us are seeking a natural lifestyle of growing our own food,
eating raw food (we now eat 90% raw with some exceptions sometimes)...
nutrution is top priority for me.  I own a raw vegan pie company & I also earn money teaching kundalini & hatha yoga
& practising a divine alignment therapy which utilizes rebirthing
amongst other things.  I have thought some about Aya's education.  She
loves to socialize & is very outgoing & happy... I like to frame my
approach  maybe as in 'how to think like leonardo davinci' which is
really just  engage the senses & awareness about nurturing her natural

That's just a bit of info, I would love to share more.  I am in USA
until 15 September, then I hope to visit Vancouver either in December
or April.

With peaceful & Joyful regards & tremendous gratitude for your being!

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