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Monday, February 1, 2010

The Politics of Big Boobs

Big boobs have been around for ages

Since the dawn of flat-chested sages

Sexy symbols pay the highest price

Always looked at more than twice

Mother Theresa had no tits to bite

Beggars to save in poverty's fight

Marilyn lost hers to pills and booze

Poor choices helped her life to lose

Mae West with  men on a short leash

No man did she serve or try to please

Liz Taylor's diamond covered cleavage

Couldn't cover up a weighty seepage

Raquel Welch was the epitamy of hot

Proving real breast can never be bought

At 72 - Sophia Loren posing for Pirelli

Nude calendar shot in sexually open Italy

What ever happened to class and tit?

No scary plastic surgeons paid to slit

A world where sexy can't be bought

Not simply fatty fishes to be caught

Feminine may be the order of the day

When tit stays where it does first lay

Upon the chest of every young girl

Sits potential to give truth a whirl

Mammory glands are what you wish

Not all breasts are considered a dish

You gotta know how to wear 'em

To carry a piece of art is as a gem

Handling with care and utmost respect

All jerk-off's to unforgivingly reject

Keep sight of your toes in your plight

Abreast of your powers within sight

Dolly Parton knew that as a wee girl

Her voice was her own to give a twirl

More pay the price than not our aught

Self-esteem is a costly war to be fought

Must be why I AM grabbing mine to run

Besides, bruising is never that much fun!

Katherine Marion


And, to think ...this all erupted after speaking to the Asian bank teller with the A-cup, this afternoon, about how I lost many a job in my life, due to my breasts. Another mammorable article in the magical making ...

Stay tuned in and turned on! I know you are.


No wonder I have been told I AM meant to live out loud. If  I can't keep my breasts tucked in, how am I supposed to be able to keep my truth from being heard?


Even though I have hundreds of sexy boob shots, just felt I would share one ( literally) wee amatuer shot of me, captured ( I use that term - loosely ) this summer of 09.

All the breast!

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  1. In Australia now, the government believes that A cup breasts are evil on young women including those in their early 20's as it encourages pedophilia. Apparently.