Saturday, April 16, 2011

100 Knots Per Her Hour

Some people prefer

'the cold shoulder'

that's not HER

SHE likes 'frozen'

for over 2 years

painfully unchosen

GODDESS so ill

with Mom's death

holding pain still

Dead thoughts stuck

grief and sadness

healing without luck

Bottled up fears

sometimes don't

come out as tears

SHE has 400 knots

compared to them

carries a painful lot

HER Mother - womb

was passed .. away

far too frivolously soon

GODDESS screams

from the inside out

no medicating teams

Feeling fresh terror

within HER heart

forever grievous error

No one to hold HER

offering overdue rest

TCM put to the test

Almost 4 years ago

SHE felt the loss

as the pain did grow

It's up to her to heal

emotions are gifts

showing us to feel.

Katherine Marion


The qualified 'quack's' or "EXperts," as authorities define them, know what a rotator cuff injury looks and feels like .. No fun.

Yet, it is years later, after tremendous amounts of labour-intensive hours,  not always wonderfully spent,  that I finally meet  the healer that is to finally worked wonders on my old emotional scars.  Dr. Benjamin - "Beijing, China - trained, tells me ... "You will only need 10 sessions."of acupuncture. So sagely suggested ... All I have to do is pay for the non-reusable needles; wisely purchasing  a promotional package, which nary an underpaid one, tried to sell me. William,  who works at one of Shirley's 5   clinics -, sold me 3 packages of traditional Chinese healing's, only last year.  Afterwards, I tried out acupuncture for  a few successful times. Vey effective remedy for dirty stuff lying deep ..

Never to 'lie,' for too longly a lonely time.

The Truth Always Comes Out ...

Now, you are gonna watch me and mine, as it divinely does.

Rawsomely Recovering from 'LIFE,'

With Caring -  KATHERINE


My homeschooler dropped in for a moment to snap this impromtu pic of me, going through pain and suffering .. at Big Feet, with my healing TCM Doc. "No pain, no gain, " is the old phrase he used... You bet!

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