Thursday, April 21, 2011

Peace Be Mine - Hike up Frosty Mountain, Manning Park, B.C.  - July 2010

Peace is a special place

puts a smile on your face

Peace is a sacred time

re-uniting with divine

Peace is a pure promise

 skies embrace with forest

Peace is a kindred spirit

hopeful heart looking up

Peace is a soothing balm

sitting down with calm

Peace is a healing rest

nature offers hope, best

Peace is a fresh breeze

drops us onto our knees

Peace is one's raw refrain

seeing truth, once again.

Peace is my kind lullaby

nothing does ever die

Peace is waking to love

Angel's kiss from above.

Katherine Marion


We must transport ourselves .. towards truth.

All we need to do for this whole wonderful world, is look after our selves.

Peace be mine,


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