Friday, April 22, 2011

Some Bunny Loves You

Katherine and Kaelin - Friday, April 22, 2011

Some bunny loves you just the way you are

rumpled tail and raggedy ears

face full of whiskers

eyes filled with tears

Some bunny loves you just the way you are

tattered coat and dragging feet

nose wrinkled in pain

no appetite left to eat

Some bunny loves you just the way you are

paws puffed and hurting

jaw unable to chew

mind - rarely alert

Some bunny loves you just the way you are

nails yellowed and broken

legs barely able to hop

heart forever open.

Katherine Marion


The other day, I watched 3 old women - one of whom was pushing a walker - crossing the street. Stopping to photograph a lovely blossoming cherry tree, one friend took a pic of many pinkish/white blossoms. Deciding to alter my path - on the way to the gym - I leapt into action. Asking for the camera, I snapped a peaceful bit of eternity, to help a few aging ladies that will  cherish my gift. A small act of goodness  that was so easy and effortless, - to give.

"You are so kind," one white haired sweetheart told me, twice.

I thanked her for her thoughtful acknowledgement of the decent action .. that I had chosen to instinctively reach out to divinely do ..

Knowing and Doing are different things ...

Many will never know and most will not find courage of the heart to Do.

This is what makes up ... Being.

May your Easter weekend Be all that you can make it.

Making Love with life and light,



The girl that I stopped on the street, this Easter Friday, took this sweet pic of K2.

 Afterwards, she shared, " You know, you remind me of Kim Bassinger."

Well, after a hot, healing bath; filled with epsom salts and purest essentials, and a few hugs shared with my son, I must be doing something right!

I am blessed.


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