Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lying Eyes That Watch and Never Speak The Truth

Eyes full of lies

that watch me

fingers pointing

lips twitching

mouth bitching

Just let me BE

Broken-down soul

no longer whole

fueled by insanity

living in the past

mind racing fast

Just let me BE

Jealous slanderer

unhappiest heart

feeling so ugly

hurting innocence

pay your penance

Just let me BE

Katherine Marion


As in the parable of Jesus nailed to the cross, or Gandhi sent 'home' early, and the mindless persecution of so many rare and beautifully unique minds and glowing hearts .. The typical person does not know how to deal with this much love, light and even - laughter in the face of seeming adversity.

Mostly, mad minds are crazed when they fixate on someone who is speaking their truth and setting themselves free. Thus, allowing others to do the sanest same ..

 If wisely chosen.

The worst place to live and very quickly die . is in a prison of another's mindless making.

Therefore, to those detractor's of magical mine - who write slander on my blog pages, call the Ministry of Children and Families on me, and target a lovely heart who only shares and trusts - Go and find your own wondrous way "home," get some much needed head-rest, and open your heart.

 And, please do not call me, when and if .. you awaken .. For you have tired me out so much, that all i need to do is dream of a better world where Angels such as I - fly high, upon wings of wonder. To help precious child and magical mother.

Not to kill or maim  precious one another.

Bless the babes and the idiot's.

I prefer the first ...

Loving and Protecting myself,



  1. Dearest Piwibrim,

    I wonder if you know how much it means for me to read positive feedback?

    Thanks for allowing me to know that somehow, my words have touched you and made a divining difference.

    Please thank you lovely cousin for being thoughtful enough to share and grateful enough to pass on my babe of a beautiful blog.



  2. This blog is bookmarked! I really love the stuff you have put here.


  3. Dearest Semuflax,

    Bless you for your consciousness-raising comment!

    I treasure those whom hearts are open to truly speak.

    With mutual respect and gratitude,