Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Baby Turns Into Real Man

Kaelin on Easter Friday 2011 -

We hug and show our love

he shares his dreams with me

Our bond is Butterfly and Sun

melded  in trust and honesty

He was born my only child

closing in on an Easter birth

One day he was breastfeeding

now, nightmares to unearth

I listen intently to his stories

 teens offering him cocaine

He never accepted their offers

knowing to give in is insane

Easter Friday, upon awakening

these were his very first words

Once all he wanted was booby

now, subjected to a sick world

Today, I am able to feel his heart

Tomorrow, may be another story

I can only love him with all I AM

Forever in my Goddess-sent glory!

Katherine Marion


I can barely believe how my freshly turned 15 year young teen, looks like an innocent baby, in this wonderfully candid shot of handsome him -  Easter Friday morning.

With less than 8 hours sleep, when he usually receives 10-14, seemingly rested; ready to play with his friend who had nicely surprised us with a knock at our door, to play.

Begging for a few more winks of much needed rest, we were allowed respite.

All too soon after ... another 1 hrs sleep, Charlie returned ...

Time to start a brand new day!


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