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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sadness Is For The Birds  - I took this pic of a pretty pond in W.Van, near the beach.

Sadness is for the birds

dropping in plain sight

out of a jet-stream sky

Sadness is for Mother Earth

falling into despair

as others watch her die

Sadness if for Brother Moon

hiding behind a cloud

too tired to even try

Sadness if for Father Sun

holding onto hope

after one more lie

Sadness is for Sister Wind

rising into fury

before her last sigh

Sadness is for acid rain

killing food crops

greed's industry gone awry

Sadness is for honey bees

losing their lives

microwave towers up-high

Sadness is for the ocean

spilling soiled tears

poison water supply

Sadness is for my Boy

entering into youth

no longer even shy

Sadness is for your heart

locked safely shut

time to say,"good bye."

Katherine Marion


On a more positive note .. I am alive and breathing. So are you, if you are reading this stream of dreamy consciousness.

Upon this wet coast of an Easter Sunday, in valiant Vancouver, B.C., I am merely feeling emotions that are not always shed and shared - freely, between unconscious community.

My sadness comes from a place deep within .. that i decided to unearth, as soils began to uplift and breezes were allowed to drift.

Thus, please, through my gifts, do tenderly and most divinely choose to deliciously drift.


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