Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Flowers Wear Pretty Faces

My flowers wear  pretty faces

taking me to exciting places

where love rules as divine

heaven is forever only mine

My flowers wear pretty faces

leaving me with tender traces

peace is what they give me

as far as my heart choose see

My flowers wear pretty faces

my mind clears and  erases

holding their smiles in my heart

letting go of any other part

My flowers wear pretty faces

as with puppies and shoe laces

I play with kindness' perception

removing all other deception

My flowers wear pretty faces

noticing as the morning traces

with new light colouring sweet

natures' bounty to gladly greet

My flowers wear pretty faces

as puppies play with shoe laces

bringing in peace of morn's light

making this world all and right

My flowers wear pretty faces

eyes that look kindly upon me

holding onto Gaia's sensuality

grabbing a hold of magical me

My flowers wear pretty faces

filled with loving that amazes

showing me all that truly ever is

I am carried unto eternal bliss.

Katherine Marion


This pic of Kaelin was taken, the other night, upon the eve of his 15th birthday - April 4th. After picking up raw Lara bars at I.G.A, across from the Scotia Theatre, I also bought some pretty posies to take to the movies with us.

The next morn, as my big baby K soundly slept, I saw a lovely woman, with her long lashed eyes shut, in repose. Afterwards,  a happy babies bouncing face - was visible, as the new day brought forth gifts of seeing light. Yet, I felt entirely comfortable and at home, already. Soon after, i went to sleep - finally. It was 8 am.!

This is how much comfort we can bring to ourselves, with the gifts of our own internal sight. As the famous saying goes; "Whatever you focus on .. it increases." Thus, when we allow ourselves to be transported to an inner sanctum of safety and serenity, we are immortal and 'time' as we once thought we knew it .. stands still.

Pressing it's pretty smile .. right back up at blessed us!

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