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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Peaceful He Doeth Sleep

Dreaming of a new world of his very own

my boy is appearing to be almost full grown

Resting his head alongside a sea of strength

Kaelin is already almost 5'10 in love's length

Sleeping as he rests his handsome head here

beats a happy heart that knows not ever fear

Waking to a divine day created by sacred self

my shining son is filled with real inner wealth

Walking in wonder as he fixes his loving gaze

teenager owning his power as life does amaze

Wondering who he is and what he's meant to be

healthy young man with courage to truly free

Whispers of manhood loom in his near future

puberty does to bring forth conscious creature

What else is given in life - other than to dream?

in the making of men, all is not what it may seem.

Katherine Marion


As he lay sleeping, an empowering week ago .. all i could see why my once so wee Baby K's inner beauty. Shining through .. this light that led me to love.

I am truly,  all i can be - for i have loved another, unconditionally.

I adore, respect, appreciate and honour you - dearest Kaelin.

 Dream of only love,

Magical Momma K

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  1. "I can't relax if you keep stealing my grapes"