Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Precious be his Precipice

Precious be his precipice 

from this place where he stands

once upon childhood's bliss

seeing with eyes of a young man

Precious be his precipice 

as tall and straight as an arrow

focusing gaze to not miss

with wings to fly of a sparrow

Precious be his precipice 

alone and mighty in his power

nature he is wise to enlist

upon this rock he does tower

Precious be his precipice 

fearless in his new strength

setting sun his cheek to kiss

light will reach to any length

Precious be his precipice 

unsure of new rocky terrain

water he may have missed

land to never see, again

Precious be his precipice 

knowing he has far to go

gentleness' light does drift

casting shadows that grow.

Katherine Marion


 I discovered  my loving lens, locking knowing eyes, over the rocky shoreline, entering towards English Bay, last week. Coming upon the sweetest silhouette of my tall and tender-hearted son. One 14 year young man, stretching his size 10 feet. Clamouring upon jagged rocks with the effortless ease of a Billy Goat, far from gruff. Comfortable in his own skin and shoes. All too soon, to grow into yet, another perfect pair. 

How could my consciousness-raising  camera not help to catch up to sunset's resounding applause? As last twilight cast her spell upon boyhood's ageless wonder, true and fair!



I pause to ponder and reflect upon what it must have been like for Mother's of another era .. Or in another part of this seemingly often un-Godly earth ..  As they watch their own beloved son's leave the safe harbour of blessed home.. To prepare for war or some other ungainly cause. 

Simply, imagine ..? 

And, this footnote of magical mine ..  is merely finding joy in memorizing a few of my own shining son's first footprints of puberty!!!


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  1. "I can't relax if you keep stealing my grapes"