Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This Doll Don't Break

Mad Marilyn at the Ministry

you can hunt me down

my innocent child to take

Cause this Doll

don't  break!

Child Murderer and Rapist

you can rape me only twice

I put you away for 30 years

Cause this Doll

 finished with fears

Mentally ill Maria Jackson

you can lose your tit

and want my baby gone

Cause this Doll

is very strong!

Abusive ex and daddy to K

you can call me "Cunt"

and kick me in the stump

Cause this Doll

 no wifey frump!

Abused Grandma, way, away

to me, "abuser" you did say

dirty names in front of Kaelin

Cause this doll

love does win

Jeanne, crazy-talk machine

you can call my son "Devil"

and write vilest emails, seen

Cause this Doll

sue and scream

Fred B.,"happily married" cheat

t my 22 year old pussy to eat

and hope your friends will see

Cause this doll

knows your slimey

 A.D. Selenger, K Mart Manager

vulgar sexual talk to me, daily

good thing some of us got free

Cause this Doll

gives no boss, booby

Sick neighbour;  Bill Brooks

you can ask me to babysit

and give me creepy looks

Cause this Doll

got big hooks

Foster dad; with all your money

you can want my virgin honey

and cheat with your wife's friend

Cause this Doll

did not bend

Clark Dennil, gorgeous hunk

you can take away virginity

"Two paternity suits, already"

Cause this Doll

ate your big teddy

"Rick The Prick"now dead

you can fuck me up the ass

and stand  tiny x on her head

Cause this Doll

better out of bed

Gay foster 'dads' to my son

you can work for the U.N.

and abuse my boy for fun

Cause this Doll

does accuse two, not one

Slanderous 'friends' of mine

you can hate me for tits

and ass that firm and fine

Cause this Doll

did no crime

Child'care' worker, Bimberly

you can call ministry on me

and go to church as usual

Cause this Doll

has refused you

Marianne, with sweet Charlie

you can keep your son from us

and go up in one big 'puff'

Cause this Doll

you like her 'muff'

Slum landlord, you can smile

give my fridge a "blow job"

and evict me twice in 6 months

Cause this Doll

you may not exile

Dirty Uncle, sleeping with family

you can play the good samaritan

and die on the toilet, full of shit

Cause this Doll

she saw all of it

Rich, bitch Aunt, hating me, so

you can drink til your fully blind

and never forgive . how unkind

Cause this Doll

never to unwind

Mixed-up Sis,  of my very own

you can think mom loved me more

and let her die as you keep score

Cause this Doll

no longer to ignore

Misogynistic young chinese boys

you can scream at me, "F'n Bitch"

and tell the cops; ' pubescent itch'

Cause this doll

has turned snitch

'Young abuser in the making," Mac

you can my 10 year old's head; "crack"

and get a 6 month restraining order

Cause this Doll

she's at bat

Three teens in the alley with scissors

you can slice off my child's long braid

and keep your sender's name.. to save

Cause this Doll

she don't shave

Bernstein, working after hours, undercover

you can scare my boy, illegally - no other

and find out that you are already in hell

Cause this Doll

did done tell

Pedophiles at our latest rental's door

you can break- in; laws to ignore

and put fear in a young man's heart

Cause this doll

take no more

Fred B.,  "happily married" cheat

you can train 'em young as can be

and lie to both your wife and me

Cause this Doll

is now free

Negative energies, that stink so bad

you can know you have been truly had

and smell one Supernatural deadly fart

Cause this Doll

never to be had!

Katherine Marion


This writing is dedicated to my son.

As i feel my upcoming best and beastly best-stellar - must also, BE!

For when we go without speaking our voice; allowing the creeps to further crawl, all we do is make our babies bawl ...

For ghouls and fools shall always be on their own fool-hearty predatory prowl.

What counts is that hyper-vigilant ones that survived ..and thrived .. remain the alertest  night owl!!!

Success story of a Victorious momma K


The only reason i am 'ending this,' for now .. is that i must go to sleep. Not because i have run out of maniacal material ... sadly.

How many others could write similar?

And, these are merely a few of the wee and salient points...

Please say "thanks" by joining my generous hearted blog and posting your very valued TRUTH.



  1. crazy....forget the bad stuff, have you tried the course in miracles...would be a miracle to see thru fresh forgiving eyes then you will not feel like such a victim...

    katherine I never called your son a devil and you tend to take what I say and do out of context and are not so kind in your viewing.

    I would say less and meditate more....smoke some....relaxes you in your right brain, keeps the left at bay to go corner something else while you are busy...feel more relaxed God bless


    I still have the gruesome email you sen to me, years ago. - where you wrote of my son, having a "forked tongue."

    And, i don't need to smoke that stuff you advocate and "relax" with - thanks.

    "Victim" is your word, not mine.

    Do your own 'work' and offer praise, rather than ...

    Give thanks and stop advice where it is not needed or wanted.

    Take care of yourself in real ways that count. For you have many gifts and talents.



  3. honestly "supernatural woman"... you seriously need help and are in no position to have a child. I fear for your son. I truly do.

  4. Welcome to my world,troll.

    You have stalked me, from your online hostile territory, in hopes of getting a thrill.

    You write all these nasty things on my GONE ViRAL - www.youtube.com/lifeofagreatmommy act, Yet, my dear mommy, taught me very well ...

    'Bullies just want your attention, dear," is what she said.

    So true.

    Isn't it?

    Bye bye

    Very special K