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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Bridge of Transformation is made of telling Tears

Look at those who are no longer able to cry

too soon, they choose to roll over and die

Never trust one who are afraid of your tears

they have far too many dark and lonely fears

Trust that your emotions shall always guide

hold onto pain and watch it at your side

Ignore your hurts and they will only kill you

keeping secrets is never for a heart true

Crying is good for your most sacred soul

cleansing friends that make you whole

Falling onto sacred ground touched by pain

Creating a brave new heart, all over, again!

Katherine Marion


Well, even if it is close to 6 am, i am so glad that i got rid of this buzzing 'bee' that has been bothering me and my bonnet, for a few dizzying days , already.

Last week, a trusted Ministry worker, told me, " The only thing that I am worried about is that you have been crying a lot, lately, almost every time that we talk." Then, later  going on to express how she felt, essentially - afraid - that i was "becoming flooded."

Right away, it reminded me of the story I had just previously recounted to her ... My beloved sister, Carol, once telling me on the phone, "Get yourself, together." in reference to me sobbing, after my son was taken, or something to that devastating effect. Well, at least this much kinder social worker, did see that this saddening behaviour exhibited; was very much lacking in "compassion." Yet, she still had her own hidden fears about expressing tears. Most probably, her own.

So many triggers did her seemingly thoughtful consideration of me and my emotions, cause .. I could have become very afraid that she may be likely to feel justified in the re-taking of my son. Even though - highly unlikely. Or,  I could choose, instead, to remain pleased at myself for entrusting my truth with another .. And, even if this younger woman, employed by the lowly government and highly un-evolved bureaucratic system, had the 'power' to disempower and virtually disembowel .. I knew that I must be true to mine own self.

Afterwards, as her 'warning' words .. rang in my ears, I shared my next poetry ., "The Bridge of Transformation is made of telling tears."

Wonder if she yet, understands?

A so called friend once sagely suggested that MCFD hire me and pay me government funds to teach them.

Just maybe.

With fearless compassion,


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