Saturday, April 2, 2011

Crying for Humanity - I captured this vision, biking over Granville St Bridge, Van, B.C.

Last month, i cried for weeks

for the loss of thankless  humanity

This newest day, already sobbing

world-wide rape and eternal robbing

Next year, so many of us do fear

may never arrive, as wished, here

Nuclear holocaust - this century

heart crying to be set trulyfree

Fukishima quake -loud and clear

mis-created from man-made fear

4 boys, screaming slander at me

only an open heart is brave to see

My son growing up in a lost world

watching white knuckles - unfurled

Daddy throwing his angry stones

how does this make for happy homes?

People too numb to feed a poor man

running as fast as closed hearts - can

Investor's buying up on a foreclosure

homeless dying from cold and exposure

What's a healing heart to possibly do ?

unto her own self - be divinely true

Cry as much to cleanse the body and mind

only way in .. to a healing remedy .. find!

Katherine Marion


This poem speaks for itself.

Now, my heart is opening again... as only a gentle flower may. To sleep soundly, upon this new and blessed day.


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