Thursday, December 30, 2010

What Other KIND of Xmas LOVE?

Would you ever guess Mr. Santa is a mere fourteen?

Looks more like the kitten serving the non-dairy cream

Raw-foody homeschooler, happily juicing up apple juice

Vitamix on the prowl and  6 Ambrosia"s does to seduce ...

"Amazing Mommy" soon to be fed a golden liqued feast

No single mommy can resist a son who loves to please

Xmas is for giving and keeping your heart open to receiving

Keep on loving and you shall never stop the joy of believing!

Katherine Marion


King Kaelin in our cozy Christmas kitchen. Filled with pretties pink fuschia roses that i bought for us. Deciding to create his own version of Apple Cider, my ingenious son, drinks to our health, happiness and healing.

Here is to yours, too.

LOVE katheirne and Kaelin

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