Thursday, December 9, 2010

Making Life Happen - or - Bringing In Grace

Sitting at a coffee shop - sipping warm green, ginger, herbal tea. Dispensing healing remedies  of the highest KIND, to seeming strangers. I unwind .. merely to find that the only one who really does mind is me.

Feeling the wondrous warmth and never-ending glow that flows when we trust that we are in the know. Only going to show that we can choose or we can simply and sadly lose our voice to merely know. Others misconceptions are the ultimate deception.

Allowing for the unexpected to take its pure and perfect place. Setting the tone for ourselves to create sumptuous and supernatural space. This is merely a small trace of bringing in the invisible force of all encompassing Grace.

Wherein, we give ourselves the gift of trusting our highest intuition. Unconditionally offering the sanest same of perfections plane for others to fly their own .. upon. Here sings our sweetest song .. A happy home where blessed all do belong.

Going inside .. rather than being beside ourselves. Thinking will never get us anywhere. The only precious place to arrive at; simply arrives when and as we learn to care.  A purer planet where none must be taught to share.

Taking active responsibility for ourselves and our inner needs is all that this torn apart and trembling wounded world needs. We need not bleed, because of another whom wants to feed upon inhumanities bottomless greed.

All that we are and were ever so magically meant to be. The seed planted  in soil that is ready to be. Nurtured and anointed. Beyond the disappointed and disillusion. Outside of much feared and well favoured seclusion. We are the creation; ultimate solution!

Katherine Marion


Some might call it an "all-nighter," I prefer to see this spontaneous interlude as a spacious interlude. A dance of many souls that come to play and nary to stay. Drinking an acidic coffee or eating a sugary bun. Magnetized by enchanting energies of this special someone. Asking me questions that they already possess the answers to. Cozy corner where hearts of all conditions, place themselves in safe and vulnerable positions. Simply to soar ..

 Consummate universal urge that none can afford to ignore!


This ageless timeless Butterfly .. that shall never to die. Surely does cry when not allowed to spread her pretty wings. Thus, with untold Goddess-sent gifts. Beautiful bell of truth, she tirelessly rings ...

Photo of magical me  - captured by the multi-talented Bryan Ward

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