Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ms. Santa Gets Cheeky ...


Just cause cute Ms. Clause is bright and sweet

Does not mean she shows fright at giving cheek

When I am not having sex or even on the hunt

Xmas noon, my native x calls me;  "F__'n  cun_"

My whole day is lost, thanks to negative energy

From that slack-ass who shot some sperm to me

I can count my blessings on the bottom of my ass

Good thing I did not trade my pride for some cash

Pussy Kat keeps praying she will find the cream

A good guy that is hot; no woman does he demean

With every breath I take away .. I do intend to pray

That for mis-deeds done, dirty buggers shall pay

Speak your voices, girls, don't ever shut down

 Just hateful trash spewed by a careless clown

Stay cheeky to the core and cast pearls to no swine

Owning our power; never to be owned or undermined!

Katherine Marion


A few years ago, one of my many beautiful nieces, Chantelle, kindly asked me to create a poster 'to empower girls." Well, maybe this is simply part in a precious and consciously continueing series ...


Pic of her royal cheekiness - captured for a moment - on the day before Xmas of this yummiest year.


  1. Did you make your son take that picture?

    Who am I kidding? Yes, you did.

  2. No wonder the kid has dead eyes.

  3. You guys need to create your own life, rather than make untruth's about mine.

    special K