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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Offering My Gratitude To www.Circle of Women on Facebook

I am grateful for my loving teen homeschooler and the fabulous fact that he gladly and eagerly accepts and loves me.

I chose to be a single mom, soon after he was born. I saw the future unraveling .. and knew that I could not and would not choose to raise one more abuser in this world.

Our children are the future.

We must empower ourselves. Speak our truth. Tolerate no B.S. Show our children that we are sincere rolde models. - not perfect people. Real women who have been to hell ..and come back. Sometimes with a hell and fury. Other times, with kindness and sweet syrup. Yet, we know when to push. And, when to pull. We own our planet.

This is why we are precious and pure. Precisely the reason why the blessed beings that we brought onto this physeical plane, know that to listen to us and really hear us, is priority.

THIS is how we are to save the souls of many.

Simply, by looking after the magical minds, happy hearts and soaring spirits of those who have been brought unto us - to fllourish and fly ....

With open heart and loving arms,


p.s. After sleeping all day and  waking up before Safeway closed, to pick up some late night organic fare, my son travelled to my page and peeked in .. As he always loves to do - helping his Mom, and curious as a young teen can be.

In my message box, I found a note from Tina, founder of Circle of Women, on Facebook, requesting some words of gratitude .. for positing on her pretty pages. Easily done. My fingers practically flew off the keyboard. Ever inspired and happy to offer my unconditional love and womanly support.


Intersting how synergy works ... After filling up bags with nice clothing that I never wear, sheets I no longer use,. magazines i have read, and videos we have already watched - perfect!

I told my son; "You cannot bring in the new, unless you let go of the old."

And, sure enough ..


I am intent on bringing into fabulous powers of the feminine - my non profit concept that I created during the time that my teen son was first born.  Finally, time to put this dream into action ...

Tell you this much  .. my consciousness-raising cause concerns single moms and children. Any surprise?

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