Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Road Less Travelled and Always True

There certainly is no "Shortcut to Happiness."

Early this sunless morn, we watched an interesting movie, featuring the incredibly talented Anthony Hopkins, giving some of the finest speeches ...

Jennifer LOVE- Hewitt played the female lead, and scintillating scored in the category of most bewitichingly beautiful seductress - She Devil.

Kim Kattralll, well known for her raucous role in "Sex In The City," played the grand dame,' working within a virtually soul-less publishing empire. An  empty bowl, filled with overflowing ego's.

And, that charismatic actor, who used to be so devilishly handsome - and was married to gorgeous Kim Bassinger, once upon a supposedly sexy and luscious while ago. Oh, yes - Alec Baldwin, starred as the classic good guy - 'turned bad.'

How surprising!

Very common story - out there ..

Oh, how so many whom pay the ultimate price for "Success."

What price have you, or would you pay, for what you consider to be "Success?"

Happy - Simply Accepting Happiness,

LOVE katherine


Enjoy today's fresh win-fall of Vancouver's fresh sunshine. And, remember to bask in the everlasting light of LOVE.


Please enjoy this freshest pic of my son in reflective respose, as he sits, playing host to yesterday's resplendent rays.

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