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Thursday, December 9, 2010

John Lennon Is Still Alive

So many lights have not been permitted to shine for far too long a lonely time.

Bless all those whom have lit our worlds on fabulous fire, whom thus, did sadly and most unwittingly expire ...

Not by our own hands. Yet, at the un-tender mercy of those whom knew not any .. to give much back in gratuitous return.

"Forgive - yet, never to forget."

Bless you Dearest  magical man - John, whom upon this wounded world's impure plane, did for not too long, or ever, truly belong.

For as long as we keep singing ... we learn to live the lyrics of your last heart-rndering love song.

Katherine Marion


This pretty as a red, winter rosy posy pic is of moi!

Before the dirty asses ... found out that saints rise up from burning ashes. To burn is not what is truly at stake. More like, soaring spirits .. such as ours ... Yearning, burning Yee; shalt never possess or truly take!

Captured by Bryan Ward

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