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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Chilled Cucumbers and Cumin on a Chilly Vancouver Day

With close to zero degree temperatures in sunless Vancouver, upon this last day of November, what naughtier thing to do .. than gratefully slurp home-made cucumber and cumin soup!

A real treat, to utilize the handy Vitamixer that sits, never lonely for too long, upon our crowded counter top. Digging up some Safeway-bought organic cucumbers, too soft to get terribly excited over ; pureed with fresh Indian cumin - purchased at , and topped with fresh pea shoots.


If you can believe it - the first living soup that my raw, vegan, teen homeschooler, has ever prepared. And perfect, to a teasing T. Blended to a pleasing puree and topped with pretty, white, chunky pieces of kidney cleansing cucumber.

What better and far from bitter .. way to wondrously celebrate Winter's entrance and entancing dance with life and loving, thereof.

Katherine Marion -  5 segment series; to be uploaded - in 2 biz days, after the 'verdict' comes in and the Arbitrator can watch .. without prejudice or bias.


This pic of me, was capured, December's first early morn, after "winning" - merely by civilly participating in a group tele-conference, held and hosted by a very professional Arbitrator; as per hired by The Tenancy Branch. Shuffling though various pages of "evidence;" clumsily written up by my scattered landlord and slanderous downstairs single mom, neighbor, I am the defendant that states her case clearly and concisely. And, ever so, nicely.

I prayed for a moment, setting the pace, getting grounded, hugging my son and washingd my tired face. After a few hours of sleep, sitting down on cold, beaten-up hardwood floors for one mammorable hour, to videotape for all my viewing public, the unofficial legal proceedings of one more modern day "witch-hunt."

Finally, to stand up, present flowers to lovely Lisa, who stood in on the outrageous event, that cost her an early bus ride to work - "on time." Grateful for universal support, human stupidity, and the guts to follow through on my own never lying and undying instincts. Even if my so called "sexy," pretty, pink top, kept slipping off the flawless skin of these  still suntanned shoulders. Barely able to fight off the teasing temptation to shrug of all of other people's poop and dance for my own divine and Goddess-sent Sinsatiions!

Go for the Goddess Gold - girl!

I am


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